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Information and best practice.

Future Forums

Expert speakers, best-practice examples, exciting panel discussions: These are our future forums. Every autumn, we have a look at various current topics and exchange views on them. Each year, the focus is either on the working world or on education.

Zukunftsforum Arbeitswelt (Future Forum Working World)

Together with the NiedersachsenMetall-Bezirksgruppe Osnabrück – Emsland – Grafschaft Bentheim we invite the management of our members to inform themselves about current topics of today and tomorrow. This is not just theory in the form of expert lectures. We involve our members and give concrete tips for implementation.

Exciting topics are, for example, sustainability management in companies or agile human resources work: How can the company situation be improved today without worsening the long-term future prospects for companies, owners, employees, customers and suppliers? What does agile working mean for companies? How do you motivate employees to work agilely? And what options are there in terms of labour law?

Interested in the conference proceedings?
A short e-mail to Verena Gerve at is all it takes!

Zukunftsforum Bildung (Future Forum Education)

The topics of education and securing skilled labour are without question important issues. Which company can still claim that it has no difficulties in recruiting young people and skilled workers? It is therefore all the more important to stay abreast of changes and to find solutions. This is where our Future Forum Education comes in. The content ranges from the effects of demographic development to the principle of equal opportunities in education to the changing values of younger generations.

Important topics for us:

  • vocational orientation
  • securing the next generation
  • need for skilled workers
  • demographic change
  • digital transformation and AI
  • structural change
Events & networking

Treffpunkt HR (meeting point HR)

Formerly known as the “Personalleitertreffen” (HR managers’ meeting), we are continuing this series of events after a break due to corona. At Treffpunkt HR, the HR managers of our members come together twice a year for a specialist lecture and best-practice examples on current HR topics. IAV thus offers input, exchange and networking.

CLICKPUNKT Arbeitsrecht (Clickpoint Labour Law)

Our online format CLICKPUNKT Arbeitsrecht is all about the basics of labour law. What do I have to pay attention to when I issue a written warning? What are the legal aspects of leave regulations law? And how do I proceed in the case of dismissal for personal reasons? Our lawyers explain the most important basics online for practical use. Once a month, for around 30 minutes, management and personnel managers, personnel officers and executives with personnel responsibility can deepen their knowledge and ask our lawyers questions live in the chat. And even better: the recordings and documents then end up in our e-learning platform, where members can access all content around the clock.

This year’s programme:

17.01.2023: Update Arbeitsrecht
21.02.2023: Kurzarbeit
18.04.2023: Einstellung von Menschen mit Behinderung
25.04.2023: Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz
16.05.2023: Betriebsübergang
20.06.2023: Betriebsarzt
04.07.2023: Betriebliche Übung und Gleichbehandlungsgrundsatz
22.08.2023: Altersteilzeit
19.09.2023: Betriebsverfassungsgesetz – Schulungen für Betriebsratsmitglieder
21.11.2023: Fort- und Weiterbildung – Fortbildungsvereinbarung
19.12.2023: Dienstwagenüberlassung

Please note: The events will be held in German.

Interested in the programme booklet? Please feel free to contact us!

Arbeitsrecht LIVE (Labour Law LIVE)

Fundamentals in labour law are important, no question. But what if new case law changes the legal situation at short notice? Or when new laws require action? For these cases, we have created our online meeting Arbeitsrecht LIVE. Our lawyers provide information on current topics in labour law at irregular intervals. From the “Whistleblower-Richtlinie” to the recording of working hours or the introduction of the electronic sick certificate – we always keep an eye on developments in labour law.

Please note: The events will be held in German.

IAV 360°

HR is more than just labour law: our online dialogue series IAV 360° regularly focusses on human resources, leadership and communication. Whether it’s personnel development, management or recruitment – our members can find out about employer branding, health in the world of work or leadership in the digital transformation.

Please note: The events will be held in German.

Politische Mittagspause (political lunch break)

We bring business and politics together at one table – literally. Under the motto “Dialogue between politics and business”, we organise a political lunch break for entrepreneurs and executives of our members. Politicians report on political goals, plans, budget issues and trends. Company representatives bring in the concerns of the business community and discuss them with the invited guests.

Strong industry – strong region

The industrial companies in our region are real frontrunners. They create high-quality jobs and offer above-average income – their contribution for the future of our region is enormous. Reason enough for the campaign “Industrie ist Zukunft” (Industry is the Future) by IAV and Industrie- und Handelskammer Osnabrück – Emsland – Grafschaft Bentheim (IHK). The campaign offers a wide range of activities: scientific analyses on the importance of regional industry, network meetings “Spätschicht: Industrie!” or the photo and video competition for trainees. We make the industry visible in a variety of ways. Our guests can have a look behind the scenes and experience industry at first hand. A special highlight is the annual “Industriedialog”, which highlights various industrial topics.

Further information is available at

Events & networking

Photo and video competition 2024 “Apprenticeship”

You like taking photos or making short videos and you are an apprentice in the Osnabrück – Emsland – Grafschaft Bentheim region? Great! Then show us your photos or videos of your everyday training and take part in the photo and video competition organised by IAV and IHK. This year, the focus is on teamwork and people. There are three cash prizes (€ 500, € 300 and € 200) in the categories photo and video. The closing date for entries is 15.06.2024.

Interested? Then click here for more information!

Winning Pictures 2022

1st place: Essex Furukawa Magnet Wire Germany GmbH, Bramsche

Events & networking

2nd place: Hermann Dallmann Straßen- und Tiefbau GmbH & Co. KG, Bramsche

Events & networking

3rd place: Solarlux GmbH, Melle

Events & networking

Winning videos 2022

1st place: Emsland-Service GmbH, Emlichheim

2nd place: Höcker Polytechnik GmbH, Hilter a.T.W.

3rd place: Klasmann-Deilmann Service GmbH, Geeste

Seminars of the Bildungswerk der Niedersächsischen Wirtschaft (BNW)

In addition to IAV’s programme of events and further training, you will find a wide range of seminars on topics such as leadership, human resources management, training or Industry 4.0 at our cooperation partner BNW.

The BNW seminars are subject to a fee. Your advantage: As an IAV member, you receive a 15 % discount – feel free to ask us for the voucher code!



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