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Take a position? We do.

We are the voice of regional employers.

Representing the interests of regional employers – what exactly does that mean?
We know what the companies are currently concerned about. We make this visible with our public relations work. What role do companies play in the social market economy? How does demographic change affect the demand for skilled workers? We inform the press and politicians about important economic and social contexts and publish employer viewpoints. Specifically:

Public Relations We bring our members’ concerns into the public debate.

Public Relations We take a clear position on economic issues.

Public Relations We break down prejudices and create economic understanding.

Public Relations We promote dialogue between companies and the public.

Public Relations We bring business, politics, administration and education together in events and discussions.

Public Relations We establish contacts and expand our network.


From press releases or interviews to newsletters and annual reports – we use a variety of media to spread the word about our topics. Feel free to have a look.

Member area

In our circulars, we regularly inform members about current legal issues or economic figures, data and facts. The circulars are available for download in the member area.

For the media:

Do you need further information, a statement on current topics, or simply a contact in the regional economy? Feel free to contact us!



Sabine Stöhr
Geschäftsführerin und stv. Hauptgeschäftsführerin
Leitung Kommunikation und Bildung

Phone: 0541 77068-23